About Us

REV3AL is at the forefront of security technology in the Web3 & Blockchain space. Our goal is to provide dynamic security solutions to protect creators, artists and users in the digital future economy.

REV3AL offers the ability to protect digital media assets such as NFTs, Avatars, In-Game Assets, and more, at the creation layer, by applying a unique and hidden encrypted marker that follows the asset around the internet.

Our desire is to to solve real problems in the industry today with simple and robust solutions, and to innovate for the future to protect millions of expected new companies, brands and users in the Web3 world.

Our Vision

REV3AL’s vision is to provide a suite of comprehensive security products developed to protect users and authenticate digital assets.

  • Patent-pending technlogy
  • Protecting creators, and IP owners
  • Preparing users in the future digital economy

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