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Securing Your Digital Assets

Multi-Layered Patent-Pending Anti-Counterfeit & Digital Watermark Technology


Security Protection for Decentralized Finance with REV3AL Security Access


Verify Authenticity of Digital Assets, NFT’s, Web 3.0, & Metaverse


Reveal counterfeit/altered media assets & malicious content within Decentralized Applications

Securing Web 3.0Beyond

Digital Watermark Solution

NFT Marketplace

R3AL NFT will provide a secure environment for creators and a unique curated experience for fans and collectors. Centered around our security technology and featuring exclusive drops the marketplace is where we battle test our solution and highlight our ecosystem.

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Security Portal

Shielding your Digital Assets with State-of-the-Art Blockchain Security. REV3AL Security Portal “R3AL ID” Authenticates your Digital Assets with a Digital Watermark, Anti-Counterfeiting and Copyright Protection for your Digital Media and NFTs.

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Shielding Your Digital Assets.
State-of-the-Art Blockchain Security.

REV3AL Security Portal “R3AL ID” Authenticates your Digital Assets with a Digital Watermark that follows you across the Blockchain.

Security in Pixels

Not Just Another NFT Marketplace.
It's an Experience.

The World's First Security Centric NFT Marketplace

Buy & Sell NFTs with Confidence, signed and issued by the creator, and made possible by REV3AL “R3AL ID” Digital Watermark Protection.

Discover & Collect Ultra Secure Digital Assets

Defending the future of digital ownership:
Uncompromising NFT security.

Authenticated with Patent-Pending Multi-Layered Cyber Security and Anti-Counterfeit Technology.

Embrace Simplicity. Intuitive Design.

Intuitive NFT platform designed for everyone, from artists to collectors. Empowering creativity & Security, one NFT at a time.

DeFi Reimagined.


Security Meets Growth. The Perfect Match.

A seamless, user-friendly staking and farming experience designed for crypto enthusiasts.

Cultivate your digital assets with ease – stake, farm, and reap the rewards.

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Join the Harvest. Security Redefined. Zero Compromise.

Savor the fruits of your investment as you stake and farm effortlessly

Nurture your Crypto Portfolio and watch it flourish with our User-Centric WEB3 Staking and Farming Portal.

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Arousing your Analytical Senses. Visually Stimulating Dashboard.


Powering our Security Suite and the Future of Web 3.0


The $REV3L token is utilized as a key component in applying & verifying REV3AL security layers. Via a fractional algorithm the token is burned in the creation of the REV3ALID for every protected asset.


The REV3AL dApp allows holders to stake their $REV3L tokens and earn passive returns through non-custodial, liquid staking. Meaning supporters of the project can hold their tokens and earn!

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